A New Hobby

Hello old friend…

Boy have I missed blogging, and boy is not used lightly. I have been away giving birth to another beautiful baby, born on 12.12.12 and because of this special date we made it on TV, Nightly News with Brain Williams. It was a very exciting holiday season for our family, but I did not miss a creative beat practicing my new found hobby.

When our first son was born we bought an SLR camera and I was at a total loss on how it worked. I have been fortunate enough through my job to take some photography classes at The Showcase School here in Atlanta. While I am no master, I have enjoyed capturing my boys and my friends with their growing families and a few cool spots along the way.

I am also working on a new website and an etsy store to begin selling my invitation and stationary designs. I have been saying this for over 2 years now and it is about time I stuck to my word. I hope to be able to share my new site and store this spring. Please stayed tuned, but for now enjoy.

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