A Season of Love – Part 1

Fall has come and gone, well at least for today, as it is super cold out this morning. While I have been super busy, things have slowed down for just a bit giving me enough time to start sharing with you all what I have been up to these past few months.

This past October, I was asked to help plan and coordinate my very first Wedding in only 8 weeks. WOW!  I was able to design invitations, programs, favors, and tags; as well as assit the the bride and coordinate with multiple vendors for what turned out to be a beautiful fall wedding. With my trusty and supportive husband by my side, going from 7am until midnight, moving furniture, decorating and making sure everyone was in place; it was one exciting and adrenaline fueled day.  I seriously can’t wait for the opportunity to do it again and only continue to learn and build upon my skills. So if you know anyone getting married, please pass along my name. And while my photography skills needs some improvement, New Year’s Resolution #1, here is a peak of part 1 of my Season of Love series. Enjoy.

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