Birthday at the Zoo

This past weekend we celebrated our little man’s 2nd birthday with a trip to the Atlanta Zoo. We not only had perfect weather but it was enrichment day so this provided lots of actives for the kids and animals to enjoy. I would recommend that if you plan a birthday at the Zoo and want to save some money, instead of renting a pavilion take advantage of all of the picnic tables. Every time we go we vary rarely see anyone using them and you can bring in your own food and drinks, so it worked out perfect.


The invitation was based on Pandas as they are one of the top attractions for the Atlanta Zoo. In keeping with the Panda theme I stumbled upon the ever popular Bakerella‘s blog post Easy Little Pandas, but let me just tell you for me it was not so easy. First off making the perfect mini cupcake with box mix is not pretty or tasty, so with little time to spare I scored 24 plain cupcakes from Publix. With my mother-in-law’s help we changed the recipe to a regular sized cupcakes, mixed a little homemade buttercream icing with some whipped icing (I found the buttercream from the recipe to be too sweet once you add the sanding sugar) and using a #4 tip I pipped away. Then following Bakerella lead dipped them in sanding sugar, changed up to Hersey kisses for the eyes and ears, chocolate chips as the nose, jimmies as the mouth and was lucky enough to find the only remaining bottle of eyeballs at Hobby Lobby. I also used an idea from Pinterest and placed them in clear cups making them perfect for transporting.



Next up as a party favor we made Zebra Cookies with double stuffed oreos, white chocolate and chocolate cookie icing. These are out of this world yummy and really easy once I figured out which white chocolates melted the best (Bakers). For the main entree we made homemade subs served up with chips and potato salad. It was the prefect picnic.


We are so blessed with our little man and all of those who came out to celebrate with us. I think the whole gang had a great time and we highly recommend having your next birthday celebration at the Atlanta Zoo.

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