Halloween Spooky Stuff

I often find myself daydreaming about what my next creative project might be and when it comes to the holidays, well, I kind of go nuts. Our boys are at the age that they get almost as excited as I do when they see the first pumpkin or smell the sweet cinnamon brooms and pinecones as we enter the grocery store. I think our middle child might be even more obsessed with pumpkins than I am. Just this week his class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch at a local church and he got to pick out a pumpkin. Ever since then he carries that pumpkin everywhere and even named it Happy…how cute is that?

Lately, during nap time our oldest has been helping me with our errands which always consists of stopping by our local craft stores to pick up a few things. Our past few visits, as long as he is good for mommy, we go down all the aisles of toys and then look at all the “halloween spooky stuff” as he likes to say. I think creating holiday decorations might just be one of the coolest jobs ever, just one look at them and who doesn’t get excited? Before I knew it I had picked up some of the cutest paper products and decor and really had no clue when I would use them. Kind of like that outfit or pair of shoes you had to have but then really had no place to wear them. After I gathered everything up I thought it would be fun to have a little halloween party with our kids. I set everything up and of course photographed it for my blog. But the best part was seeing their little faces light up when I said, “Okay, you can touch.” Then for the next hour they were on a sugar high and happy enough to take some pictures for me and snuggle up next to their little sister.

The decor was simple: some party fans designed by My Mind’s Eye Paper Goods, a paper banner and cupcake toppers found at Home Goods and designed by Meri Meri, and some gray spooky netting. Put all together and bam we have a cute table with some treats for the kiddos.

What better way to make new memories with the hope that we can inspire some family fun with your little monsters this halloween.- The Jankuns

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  1. Melanie-I didn’t know how creative you are! This is so cool! I am going to use some of these ideas for sure. Thanks for posting-less thinking for me to do when the instructions are all right there!

    Christie Wilkins

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