Pursuing Passion

I was recently asked what my passion is, and of course I said, being creative! However, once I stopped to really think about it, as my answer was very generic, it hit me. I love being creative but what I have found to be the biggest blessing is the people I get to collaborate with. That is 100% without a doubt my passion; collaborating with like minded individuals to create something great. It could be as simple as creating an advertisement or the perfect invitations suite. Every day I get to collaborate with some of the most inspiring and creative people and that is what I am passionate about.

“Passion is when you do something that makes you come alive”Jessica Semann, The Passion Co.

Why am I telling you this? Well, this is a great lead in for one of our recent collberation projects! I had the pleasure of working with some pretty great vendors and friends to create a romantic photoshoot for a couple who were celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. We created a romantic lunch date with sweet treats, a walk down memory lane with photographs and a couple of cute little party crashers to round out the moment. Complete with romantic floral details, a sweetheart table and a beer and pie tasting the day was simply precious. So please, sit back and enjoy the beautiful photographs by the very talented Cortni Shelton of XOXO by Cortni.

Our celebrated couple, Chris and Laura, first met in college. It took TWO years for Laura to return Chris’ call but one day during a meet up with friends and a night spent hanging out, their history was sealed with a kiss. Their journey has taken them on a number of adventures, moving from Georgia to South Carolina, then to Connecticut, back to Georgia, back to Connecticut, and then back to Georgia in a mere 10 years. Chris was pursuing a fast paced career in the alcoholic beverage industry with the dream of some day opening his own brewery. Laura somehow found time to pursue her own passion of becoming a Nurse. Together, they realized their ultimate goal of having three amazing kids. Their story over these last ten years has been about a couple who chased their dreams together, whose love for each other and their family was at the center of their journey. Home for them has truly been wherever their journey took them.

Finally, last year, the opportunity came for Chris to take the leap he had been working so hard to prepare for all these years and they left Connecticut, one last time, to come back to Athens, GA where Chris started his very own brewery. It was fitting for them that as they came up on their ten year anniversary, that they try to incorporate into their special day all of the things that had led them on their journey, as well as to highlight the achievements of accomplishing their dreams to date. For those reasons and more, they wanted to mark this occasion with a celebration and photo shoot in Chris’s new brewery, with their beautiful children in tow.

Vendor Spotlight

Photography – XOXO by Cortni
Pies – Crave Pie
Jewelry – Stella and Dot by Joey Dickerson
Dress-Karats and Keepsakes
Venue – Creature Comfort
A special thank you to Lauren Cheek, Louretta West, Natalie Jenson & Matt Jankun

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